Achieve Your Health Goals with RivalHealth

Between holiday parties and family gatherings, your plans to eat healthy foods and get enough exercise may be derailed when you're confronted with feasts filled with delicious cakes, pies, casseroles and more. And it doesn't help when your coworkers start leaving plates of cookies and mounds of candy in the breakroom.

Eating well and maintaining an exercise regimen can be challenging. Get the guidance you need to stay on track this holiday season by using RivalHealth to help achieve your health goals.

What is RivalHealth?

RivalHealth is a fitness and nutrition program that provides a customized plan according to your current health, lifestyle and fitness goals. Participation in RivalHealth revolves around the use of the RivalHealth website. When you join, you create an online profile and the website generates a fitness and nutrition plan based on the information you enter. You use the website tools to measure your nutrition intake and monitor your physical progress through time.

As a participant, you also receive a full set of exercise DVDs and personalized daily emails with meal and workout suggestions. BB&T pays the entire cost of RivalHealth for you and contracts with RivalHealth to coordinate this program. If you are serious about making changes to your eating and exercise habits and are willing to challenge yourself, RivalHealth can help you reach your goals.

Nutrition with RivalHealth

Figuring out what to eat—and how much—can pose a challenge. RivalHealth helps eliminate the guesswork by providing you with a guideline for healthy eating and proper nutrition with a balanced ratio of fats, carbs and proteins. With RivalHealth, the ratios are measured for you so you don't have to monitor every ingredient and count every calorie you eat.

RivalHealth makes healthy eating simple for you by providing ideas and suggestions for every meal and snack. Participants receive a daily email with a suggested menu made up of recipes with healthy ingredients and portions.

Fitness with RivalHealth

Eating well is one part of the equation—fitness is the other. RivalHealth's fitness plans are designed to target your whole body. Each day you will receive a workout (some days you receive a rest day) that's easy to follow and physically challenges you according to your profile and fitness level. Unless you are already very fit, the workouts will challenge you. The workout range from 35 to 60 minutes, including warm up and cool down. RivalHealth recommends you push yourself to get your heart rate into the appropriate zones so that you achieve the best results.

Please Note: As with all new exercise programs, you should consult a physician before performing the exercises, especially if you have had any heart conditions or other related complications in the past.

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All regular part-time and full-time BB&T associates are eligible to join RivalHealth at any time during the year. You do not have to be in LifeForce or elect medical coverage to participate in RivalHealth.

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