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LifeForce, BB&T's premier wellness program, is designed to reward you for your efforts in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Prior to participating in the LifeForce program, review Peak Health's Notice Regarding Wellness Program.

The program provides you with health and fitness education, including information about disease prevention and adverse behaviors that may affect your physical well-being, and direct access to evaluations by a health care professional on a regular basis.

BB&T contracts with Peak Health to administer LifeForce. Through the program, you will work with a Peak Health nurse to establish realistic and attainable health goals. As you work toward those goals, you can advance to new Phases of the program. All information and evaluations conducted for this program are completely confidential.


All benefits-eligible associates can participate in LifeForce. You are eligible for benefits if you are scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week and are classified as a regular associate (not a temporary or contract associate).

Benefits of LifeForce

By offering LifeForce, BB&T is investing in its most valuable resource—associates! You, and the many other outstanding associates like you, are the key to achieving our vision: to create the best financial institution possible, to be "The Best of the Best." BB&T wants to ensure you are able to be your best self and offers LifeForce at no charge to you so you can take control of your health and improve your quality of life.

But don't just take our word on it—take a look at this testimonial from a BB&T associate:

"I am a walking testimony of the fact that good health enhances one's ability to be motivated, confident and full of positive energy both in your personal and professional life. Through [LifeForce], I have been able to learn more about healthy nutritional choices for my entire family as well as the importance of taking time to focus on me! Over the past 6 to 8 months, I've found an enjoyable exercise regimen that works for me, lost 32 pounds and progressed from a Lifeforce Phase 3 to a Phase 5!"

Pamela P., North Carolina

Join thousands of other BB&T associates by participating in LifeForce! As a participant, you can expect to receive the following benefits:

Personal Health Education and Risk Identification with Free One-on-One Health Evaluations
LifeForce participants meet regularly with a Peak Health nurse for free one-on-one health evaluations. During your personalized evaluations, the Peak Health nurse will review the following with you to help you gain a thorough understanding of your health:

  • Your complete blood work results (comprehensive metabolic, lipid, thyroid and a complete blood count)
  • Your weight
  • Your body composition (including a seven-site skin caliper test to determine your body fat percentage)
  • Your blood pressure
  • Your resting heart rate
  • Your cardio-respiratory fitness with a 6-minute sub-maximal bike test

The Peak Health nurse will work with you to identify any current issues or potential risks and create a plan of action to help you improve your health and progress through the program. Some BB&T associates have had serious illnesses spotted through LifeForce and consider it a lifeā€saving program.

Select Option-Specific Benefits
Associates who are enrolled in the Select Option of the BB&T Medical Program receive the following benefits for themselves and their covered dependents as LifeForce participants:

  • 100% coverage for preventative mammograms
  • 100% coverage for annual gynecological visits (office visit and Pap test)

Medical Premium Credits
LifeForce participants and their spouses have the opportunity to earn medical credits which can lower medical premiums by up to 20%. Participants and their spouses who are covered under the BB&T Medical Program will be eligible to earn medical credits if the participant is placed in Phases 2 through 5 of the program by the Peak Health nurse. Participants must meet the requirements of their Phase and complete the Health Assessment (HA), an online questionnaire, on an annual basis. Spouses must also complete their HA to earn their medical credit.

LifeForce participants are required to complete the HA on an annual basis by the last day of the month of their first appointment of the year. If your spouse is covered under the BB&T Medical Program, they are also required to complete the HA by the same deadline for you to receive your full medical credit (if applicable based on your LifeForce Phase). If your spouse is added to your medical coverage due to a qualified Life Event Change after your HA deadline, the spouse credit will be applied (if applicable based on your LifeForce Phase) starting the first pay of the month following their completion of the HA.

See instructions to complete the Health Assessment for a current LifeForce participant or new participant.

If you are unable to participate in any of the health-related activities or achieve any of the health outcomes required to earn a medical credit, you may be entitled to a reasonable accommodation or an alternative standard. You may request a reasonable accommodation or an alternative standard by contacting a Peak Health nurse practitioner at 252-237-5090.

Review the medical credits available to eligible LifeForce participants.

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