At BB&T we value your commute and business booking accommodations.

BB&T corporate travel and meeting planning

BB&T and Aladdin Travel are pleased to partner to provide the BB&T Corporate Travel Program(opens in a new tab) for associates to conveniently book their air, hotel and rental car reservations.

BB&T Corporate Travel Program features

  • Single Sign-on – Can't remember your username or password? You don't need them! The BB&T Corporate Travel Program is integrated with Workday to offer single sign-on functionality so you don't need to remember a username or password when you access the site from a computer connected to the BB&T network.
  • Leisure Travel – Aladdin Travel offers BB&T associates discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals and more for business travel, and you can access those same discounts for your own personal use. With BB&T Corporate Travel Program benefits, you can book your personal vacations, flights, cruises and more through Aladdin Travel at an associate discount. You'll also have access to Aladdin Travel's Value Added Travel Program that qualifies you for value added amenities including resort room upgrades, spa credits, discounted rates on Travel Protection Insurance and discounted shore excursions on cruises.

Access the BB&T Corporate Travel Program

To access the BB&T Corporate Travel Program(opens in a new tab), go to InSite and select BB&T Corporate Travel & Meeting Planning under Quick Links. Your name, phone number and email address will be populated from Workday. The first time you access the online booking tool, you will be required to update your personal information, including:

  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • BB&T corporate card number
  • Frequent flyer number
  • Passport number

Associates can also add a designated Department Travel Arranger, which is another associate who is authorized to make travel arrangements on an associate's behalf. After associates add a Department Travel Arranger, the associate or Department Travel Arranger can complete any remaining profile information. Department Travel Arrangers that support multiple associates will be able to see the entire list and select the individual to make their travel arrangements.

These updates can be made by selecting My Profile within the booking tool.

Note: Associates will need to update their middle initial to their complete legal middle name for TSA identification.


If you have any questions about the BB&T Corporate Travel Program, please contact Aladdin Travel at or through the BB&T direct line at 336-499-6776.

Business travel accident insurance

BB&T provides insurance for you that may pay a benefit if you are injured in an accident while traveling on company business. The policy may pay up to $250,000 ($500,000 for senior vice presidents and above) for injuries received.

BB&T Travel Express

BB&T and Aladdin Travel are pleased to introduce the new BB&T Travel Express portal(opens in a new tab) for associates to conveniently book their air, hotel, and rental car reservations. The new portal offers an enhanced user experience for easier site navigation and more travel-related information to assist BB&T associates with their business-related travel needs. Read on to learn more about BB&T Travel Express and the features the new portal offers BB&T associates.

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