Vacation for Certain Associate Events

Associates on Leaves of Absence

If you take an approved Leave of Absence, BB&T will allow pay for vacation up to the number of days for which you are eligible in the calendar year, less any days already taken. 

Accrual of vacation is based upon the number of full months employed beginning with January 1 of the current year. While on leave, vacation does not continue to accrue but, upon return to work, accrual will be restored as if you had been continuously at work. Therefore, the failure to return to work at the end of the approved leave may result in overpayment of vacation days, for which a refund will be required. A request for vacation pay during the leave should be made and approved through your manager.

Associates Attending National Guard or Reserve Annual Training

If you are required to complete training in the National Guard or Reserve, vacation is as follows: 

  • You are not required to use all or any part of your vacation to attend required training; however, you may elect to do so. If you elect to complete the required training without pay from the company, you retain your vacation and may schedule it in accordance with this policy.
  • If you are not eligible for vacation pay or choose not to use vacation during training, time away from the company due to National Guard or Reserve duty will be unpaid, except that an exempt associate’s weekly earnings may not be reduced if the associate works part of the week at the company but misses another part of the week due to National Guard or Reserve duty. If the exempt associate is away from work the entire workweek, and is not eligible for vacation pay or chooses not to use vacation during training, the time away may be deducted for that week.
  • In the event you use all vacation time to attend required training, one additional week’s absence with pay from work will be allowed at some other time during the year when it’s convenient to the company.

Learn moreabout vacation for associates attending national guard or reserve annual training

Termination of Employment or Retirement

Upon retirement or termination of employment, you will receive pay for unused accrued vacation. The number of vacation days to be paid will be determined by applying a factor (see the chart below) based on the total number of days for which you are eligible for in the year in which employment is terminating. The factor is multiplied by the number of full months completed since January 1 of the current year as follows:

Days Eligible Monthly Accrual Factor
1 0.083
2 0.167
3 0.250
4 0.333
5 0.417
7 0.583
10 0.833
11 0.917
12 1.000
13 1.083
14 1.167
15 1.250
16 1.333
17 1.417
18 1.500
19 1.583
20 1.667
25+ 2.083

Holidays and Vacation at BB&T

BB&T observes the Federal Reserve holiday schedule, and also provides a competitive program of paid time away for full-time, part-time and newly hired associates. 

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