Formal Degree Programs

Formal degree programs include undergraduate (associate's or bachelor's) and graduate (master's or doctoral) courses of study. This benefit should be viewed as a reward for outstanding performance, rather than as an entitlement.

Undergraduate and graduate programs

Eligibility for undergraduate and graduate study requires you:

  • Are a high-potential, regular, full-time associate
  • Have completed two years of full-time service
  • Have a PDP rating of Exceeds Expectations or higher
  • Have achieved officer status (graduate degrees only)

If you are pursuing an approved degree from an accredited institution, you may be reimbursed for 90% of certain net costs (up to $5,250 per year) associated with the program of study upon verification of the successful completion (C or better) of each academic term.

To receive this reimbursement, you are expected to commit to a 3-year service requirement following the date of last reimbursement. Approval to undertake this level of formal education is required at the Regional President (Community Banking Division) or Division Manager (support areas) level, and must include the endorsement of BB&T Professional Development. Necessary application forms may be found on InSite.

Important information to consider

Before embarking on any degree program, we encourage you to consult with your manager and counselors in the Professional Development department. If you receive education assistance, be aware that you may incur certain tax obligations for benefits received. Seek guidance from an appropriate tax advisor.

BB&T encourages you to earn degrees through a traditional classroom environment, if at all possible. However, online and other distance learning degrees may be approved on an exception basis if deemed appropriate.

For more information, please consult the Human Systems Policy Manual(opens in a new tab) or view the HS 5005 Education Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement for Degree Program Policy) (PDF). (You must be on the BB&T network to access these links.)

Education at BB&T

BB&T encourages associates to grow and develop, personally and professionally, through the systematic and planned use of formal educational activities, both within and outside the company. Outside educational activities can take a couple of different forms, which may be supported by BB&T.

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