RivalHealth is a fitness and nutrition program that provides a customized plan according to your current health, lifestyle and fitness goals. If you are willing to challenge yourself and adjust your eating and/or exercise habits, RivalHealth can help you reach your goals.

Participation is free and revolves around the usage of the RivalHealth website, which contains tools for monitoring your nutrition intake and physical progress. When you join, you create an online profile and the website generates a fitness and nutrition plan based on the information you enter. You use the website tools to measure your nutrition intake and monitor your physical progress overtime. 

As a participant, you also receive a full set of exercise DVDs and personalized daily emails with meal and workout suggestions. BB&T pays the entire cost of RivalHealth for you and contracts with RivalHealth to coordinate this program.

The RivalHealth website

The RivalHealth website gives you everything you need to know about the program.

Your RivalHealth account

When you sign up for RivalHealth, you create your personal account (personal profile) on the RivalHealth website, RivalHealth.com(opens in a new tab). This site gives you everything you need to know about the program.

Your homepage

The homepage of your account, called your Dashboard, shows you a snapshot of your fitness plans for that day and your progress. You may view your profile summary by choosing Profile. You may also see due dates for your FitIns, reminders or updates and your compliancy record, which indicates if you are completing the RivalHealth requirements.

Website features

On your Dashboard, there are icons that take you to pages with more detailed information about each of the components in the RivalHealth program and useful tools. The components include your profile, nutrition, fitness, progress, teams and challenges. You may find answers to your questions or watch instructional videos in the Support section at the bottom of the home page.

Confidentiality of your account

The information in your RivalHealth profile (weight, height, gender, food limitations, etc.) is completely confidential. Family members on your account cannot see your profile information. Likewise, you are not able to see your family members' information.

RivalHealth: Nutrition

Nutrition is often the biggest challenge for individuals who desire to achieve optimum health. Difficulties include bad eating habits, poor education about food and uncontrollable cravings. RivalHealth provides you with a guideline for healthy eating and proper nutrition with a balanced ratio of fats, carbs and proteins. RivalHealth measures the ratios for you so you do not have to monitor every ingredient and count every calorie you eat. Such effort is difficult to sustain and removes the joy from eating.

RivalHealth makes healthy eating simple for you by giving ideas and suggestions for every meal and snack. RivalHealth also offers recipes with healthy ingredients and portions. You may modify the recipes by substituting your own similar ingredients, as well.

Your nutrition plan and daily menu

The daily menu that RivalHealth provides you is intended to be a guideline, not a prescribed diet. It is customized to fit your personal profile. See your menu in your daily email or by selecting the Nutrition icon in the left column of your dashboard on the RivalHealth website(opens in a new tab). In the Nutrition section, you may view meals and snacks for the next 7 days.

Modifications to your nutrition plan

If you do not like the suggested meals, RivalHealth provides alternate choices for each snack and meal. In the Nutrition section, choose the blue arrows to see different food options.

If you would like to modify your nutrition plan, visit your profile and update your Health section. RivalHealth generates the best nutrition plan to improve your fitness and to reach your goals by using your current fitness level and profile information. The portions and types of food in your nutrition plan alter automatically as you update your FitIns and meet your health targets.

Additional features of your nutrition plan

  • Meal Plan Options: Select a variety of meal plans, including vegetarian, vegan, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Meal Customization: Modify individual meals by substituting items.
  • Allergies: Adjust their meal plan based on the most prevalent allergens (dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy).
  • New Meal Content: Each meal features a corresponding photo to provide you with a visual of final product, which is especially helpful if the user is unfamiliar with the meal or preparing it for the first time.

RivalHealth: Fitness

RivalHealth's fitness plans are designed to target your whole body. Each day you will receive a workout that is easy to follow and physically challenges you according to your profile and fitness level. Unless you are already very fit, the workouts will challenge you. The workouts range from 35 to 60 minutes, including warm up and cool down. RivalHealth recommends you push yourself to get your heart rate into the appropriate zones so you achieve the best results.

Please note: As with most new exercise regimes, you should consult a physician before performing the exercises, especially if you have had any heart conditions or other related complications in the past.

Your fitness plan and daily workout

RivalHealth generates your fitness plan based on your personal profile. Depending on your profile, you may have rest days during the week. Log on to your online account and choose the Exercise icon in the dashboard to view your daily workout, as well as workouts for the next 7 days. The exercise section has your routine breakdown and videos that demonstrate how to do certain workouts. Your email will also show your workout for the following day.

RivalHealth DVD set

When you join RivalHealth, one binder of free exercise DVDs will be mailed to your home address. The binder contains over 20 DVDs along with printed pages of the workouts. When you are performing your workout, use the coordinating DVD from your DVD library. You may bring your DVD library (or just the single page with the workout listed) with you to the gym. If you aren't able to watch your DVDs, you may also watch a video of the routine online or on your mobile device. No download is required.

Please Note: Each family only receives one DVD set.

Modifications to your fitness plan

If your workout plan is too difficult or too easy, alter your fitness plan in the Profile section of the RivalHealth website(opens in a new tab). For instance, change the number of days you want to exercise each week or choose a different objective. If you have access to a new piece of exercise equipment, you can also indicate that in the Profile section.

Sign up for RivalHealth

All regular full- and part-time associates are eligible to join RivalHealth at any time during the year. Read on for details about signing up.

Step 1: Register

  1. Go to the RivalHealth website, RivalHealth.com(opens in a new tab)
  2. Choose Sign Up in the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Enter your email (personal email is recommended).
    1. Create a password.
    2. Enter the promo code: BBT2013.
    3. Select Next.
      Important Note: This promo code is only for BB&T associates. Anyone else who uses the promo code will be responsible for the costs of the RivalHealth program. Family members may not use the promo code. See answers to RivalHealth frequently asked questions, including adding family members to your account.
  4. Complete your profile as prompted. You will not need to enter any payment information. Providing complete and accurate information is important because RivalHealth uses this information to generate your nutrition and fitness plan.
  5. Download the RivalHealth app for Apple® and Android® to gain easy access to your fitness plan (optional).

Step 2: Complete your first FitIn

To receive a set of 20 RivalHealth exercise DVD's (value of $300), you must complete your first FitIn. A FitIn is a brief fitness test that determines your current level of fitness (RivalRating). To complete yours, sign in to your online RivalHealth account and select Take a FitIn on the How Am I Doing? section of the home page.

Step 3: Begin your daily exercise and nutrition plan

Check out your dashboard on the RivalHealth website(opens in a new tab) and your daily email. Your dashboard shows you a quick view of your nutrition and exercise plans and your progress using your RivalRating. Your daily email contains your Live Fit Plan for the following day. Follow the exercise routines and suggested meal plans as much as possible. View the Getting Started video for tips on how to use the system and do the workouts.

Step 4: Continue on your path to success

Take your FitIn once every month. Continue to read your daily emails and follow the exercise routines and suggested meal plans as much as possible. Visit the RivalHealth website(opens in a new tab) once a week to check up on your meals, your progress and any updates.

RivalHealth FAQ

Am I eligible to participate in RivalHealth?

You are eligible to participate if you are a regular full- or part-time associate. You do not have to be in LifeForce or elect medical coverage to participate in RivalHealth.

When am I able to sign up for RivalHealth?

You may join RivalHealth at any time. See enrollment instructions(moves focus) for details.

How much does RivalHealth cost?

BB&T pays the membership fee and the cost of one complete set of fitness DVDs per family. There are a couple of items you will need to purchase for the program (such as small hand weights), but your total investment in equipment should be under $40.

Can my family participate in RivalHealth? If so, how do they join?

Yes, up to three of your family members may join your RivalHealth account. To add family members to your account, select your name and select Family Invites from the drop down menu. After adding family members, enter separate email addresses for each family member. After you provide the necessary information, choose Save.

Each family member will receive an email invite from invite@RivalHealth.com containing directions on how to sign up for RivalHealth for free. Each family member will have a separate profile. You will receive one set of DVDs for the whole family.

Please Note: Your family members will not use the BB&T promo code to sign up for RivalHealth.

What if I do not receive the daily email?

If you do not receive a daily email, check to make sure your email address is correct in your profile section. Using your personal email address is recommended. Also, check to make sure the emails are not being sent to your spam or junk mailbox. If you have tried the previous options and still do not receive the emails, contact RivalHealth at 919-803-6709.

Will other people be able to access my personal information on RivalHealth?

No, the information contained in your RivalHealth profile (weight, height, gender, food limitations, etc.) is completely confidential. If you add family members to your account, you cannot see each other's profile information.

If you choose to join a team, your teammates cannot see your profile information. However, your teammates will be able to see your RivalRating. You will not be able to make significant inferences about someone's fitness based on his or her RivalRating because Rival Ratings vary depending on the individual's profile information and demographics.

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