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At BB&T, we recognize the vital role wellness plays in your life. From physical fitness to proper nutrition, your overall health affects you both physically and financially. For over 25 years, we have offered a variety of wellness programs designed to help you set and meet your goals and to remain active participants in your health care management.

CarePlus: Your source for wellness information and health care resources

BB&T has partnered with ProView Resource Group, a division of McGriff Insurance Services, to offer CarePlus to all BB&T associates. The CarePlus services include a new wellness website and a mobile app for personalized health care tools and resources. These services are designed to help BB&T and associates manage health care costs and to engage participants in healthy lifestyle decisions.

Through CarePlusMobileHealth.com(opens in a new tab) and the CarePlus Mobile app, you may access personalized health care resources and information on BB&T's wellness programs, including:

  • LifeForce: A BB&T Wellness program that is designed to reward you for your efforts in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • RivalHealth: A fitness and nutrition program that provides a customized plan according to your current health, lifestyle and fitness goals.
  • Case Management Program: A program from BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina that pairs individuals with complex health issues with case managers for one-on-one support to better manage their health and avoid complications and extra expenses.
  • Gap in Care Program: A CarePlus program designed to identify gaps in your health care coverage based on your medical claims information, remind you to close them and reward you for doing so.
  • health-e-basket: A nutrition-focused app that encourages users to make healthier choices when grocery shopping by providing product nutrition scores and offering savings on healthy items.

Get instructions to access CarePlus through CarePlusMobileHealth.com(opens in a new tab) and the CarePlus Mobile app.

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CarePlus Access

CarePlus is your source for wellness information and healthcare resources. Through CarePlus, you will be able to access information about BB&T's various wellness programs, including LifeForce, RivalHealth and more.

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