Workplace Safety Tips

Safety extends beyond wearing a seat belt in the car. Helmets for construction workers, non-slip footwear for restaurant workers and proper training for firefighters all help contribute to workplace safety, but it doesn't end there. Bankers and office workers can take measures to ensure that their workplaces are safe as well.

Slip, trips and falls

The most common accidents in offices, slips, trips and falls account for thousands of worker injuries each year. While most of these accidents are minor and can result in as little as a bruise, some can cause fractures and broken bones or even disabling injuries.

Protect yourself and your coworkers from slips, trips and falls by:

  • Keeping your workspace, including hallways and common areas, clear of boxes, files or other items that could become a hazard.
  • Maintaining a clear line of vision when walking, particularly in kitchens, restrooms and other areas where spills are common.
  • Using a step stool to extend your reach as opposed to stepping on a rolling chair or other unsafe object.

Struck by an object

Large stacks of files, paper, boxes and more can topple over and strike someone, resulting in injury. Reduce your and your coworkers' risk of being struck by an object by stacking items in smaller, shorter groups and removing unsecured items from heights from which they could fall onto someone.

Ergonomics injuries

Sitting at a desk for 8 or more hours a day can take its toll on the body. Sitting at a desk for that long with poor posture can create ergonomic-related injuries such as muscle strains and carpal tunnel syndrome. Maintain proper posture and ensure that your workspace is ergonomically safe. Learn moreabout healthy practices for your desk about healthy practices for your desk.

Vision problems

Staring at a computer screen for the majority of your day strains your eyes and increases your risk for vision problems. Periodically, look away from your monitor and other bright lights—or even close your eyes for a few seconds—to give your vision a break.

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