Jury Duty

A summons to jury duty means you may have the opportunity to participate in our judicial system and take an active role in the court. Like voting and paying your taxes, serving on a jury when chosen is a part of your civic responsibility as a citizen.

BB&T encourages associates to be responsive to and active in community and civic affairs, including jury duty. Those associates who are chosen for jury duty are encouraged to serve. Only in cases of emergency should an associate attempt to be excused from jury duty.

Time off for jury duty

Under the Other Time Off Policy, all regularly scheduled full-time and part-time (scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week) associates are allowed up to 20 days of time off with pay for jury duty. Beginning with the 21st day of jury duty, BB&T will offset pay continuation to associates with any compensation received from jury duty. Associates should enter any time off for jury duty in Workday as Jury Duty.

Making arrangements for jury duty

If you are called for jury duty, you should provide the legal documentation to your manager immediately so arrangements can be made for the time you will be away.

While you are serving on a jury, you should report back to work on a daily basis if relieved or excused early by the court.

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