Had a Life Event Change?

Did you recently get married? Adopt a child? Gain or lose medical coverage after your spouse accepted a new job? These are major life events, and you may need to change certain benefit elections to accommodate them.

Think you have to wait until the next Annual Benefits Enrollment period in the fall of each year to make these changes? Think again! Federal tax law states that you can make changes to your benefit elections during the calendar year following a change in family or employment status, known as Life Event Changes.

Qualified Life Event Changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Marriage, divorce or legal separation
  • Death of a spouse or dependent
  • Birth or adoption of a child of the associate
  • Leave of absence by associate or spouse
  • Termination or commencement of spouse's employment
  • Dependent fulfills or ceases to fulfill eligibility requirements

If you have had a qualified Life Event Change, you are eligible to make changes to your benefit elections.

Note: Each benefit election may have a unique list of qualified Life Event Changes (i.e., certain benefit elections cannot be changed as a result of certain qualified Life Event Changes). For example, if your child has a change in their daycare, you can only make changes to the Dependent Care FSA. In this example, you would not be permitted to make changes to medical coverage or Health Care FSA.

Submit your Life Event Change and change your benefit elections in Workday

If you have had a qualified Life Event Change, you have 31 days from the date of the life event to change your benefit coverage levels. Any change in coverage or contributions must be approved by Benefits Administration and will become effective as of the date of the status change.

For example, let's say you got married on May 15th and want to change your medical coverage from Employee Only to Employee and Spouse. You have until June 15th to change your benefit coverage levels in Workday (31 days after the date of the life event). Once you submit your changes, Benefits Administration will review and approve them. If your change in medical coverage is approved, your Employee and Spouse medical coverage will become effective as of May 15th, the date of your status change.

For step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the Life Event Change process in Workday, access the Life Event Changes: Instructions for Changing Benefit Elections (PDF).


For more information on Life Event Changes, access the Life Event Changes page on BBTBenefits.com.

If you have questions about Life Event Changes, please call the Human Systems Service Center at 800-716-2455, option 1, to speak with a trained benefits representative. If you have issues accessing Workday, please call the Network Control Help Desk at 866-567-4357.

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