Fitness in the Workplace

Think the gym is the only place to get in shape? Think again! Opportunities for exercise are all around us, including at the office. Follow a few of these tips to get more fitness into your workday.

Take the Stairs: Skip the elevator and take the stairs to get more aerobic activity into your day. Too many flights of stairs to walk to your floor? Start small and take the elevator to the floor below yours and walk the rest of the way. Work your way up (literally!) to being able to do the full walk by building your strength and stamina bit by bit.

Walk and Talk: Ditch the traditional sit-down meeting and consider a walking meeting instead. Discuss business with your colleagues while taking a lap or two around the office (or outside if the weather is nice).

Stand Up: On a call? Stand up and move around. Or, better yet, use a headset for your calls and walk around the office or your workspace. Think of how many minutes a day you're on the phone—use that time to stretch your legs and get moving. It'll add up quickly!

Park Farther Away: Think of where you park your car at work. Instead of looking for the space closest to your building, aim for a spot farther away so that you can get in a few extra steps every time you go to and from work.

Deskercise: Use some of the time you spend at your desk to increase your strength and stamina. Try one of these exercises to work your muscles throughout the day:

  • While seated, raise your legs up and tap your toes on the ground football drill-style.
  • Grab a ream of paper in each hand and do some shoulder shrugs.
  • Keep some hand weights under your desk and use them throughout the day by doing bicep curls or tricep extensions. Don't have any weights? Use two full water bottles.

Stretch: Sitting at a desk eight hours a day can strain your muscles, particularly those in your neck, shoulders and back. If you start to feel tense, take a few minutes to stretch. You'll feel more relaxed and able to tackle the rest of the workday.

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Please Note: You should consult a physician to ensure you are healthy enough for physical activity before beginning any new exercise regimen, especially if you have had any heart conditions or other related complications in the past.

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