EAP Daily Living Resources

How does your to-do list look? Like most of us, it's probably long and growing longer by the minute. Balancing work and life puts a lot on your plate. Let the BB&T Employee Assistance Program (EAP) do the heavy lifting for you through its daily living services.

Daily living services

The EAP daily living consultants are ready to find information and resources you need to finish your to-do list. They can help you:

  • Find a business or service nationwide. Need to find a reliable mechanic to fix your busted bumper? Or maybe you're new in town and need to find a vet and groomer for Fido. The EAP daily living consultants can research what you're looking for and send you a list of providers in two ZIP codes within 12 business hours.
  • Find event tickets. Planning a vacation and not sure where to start? Want to get tickets to the big game? Let the EAP daily living consultants track down tickets or connect you with the businesses and consultants that can get you where you want to be.
  • Research special projects. If you're embarking on a new project, like planning a wedding or remodeling your kitchen, you may not know where to start. Have the research done for you so you can take the guess work out of your project.
  • Locate alternative medicine providers. Interested in seeing a chiropractor or homeopath? The EAP daily living consultants can find providers close to you.

Please note: While use of EAP services is free, Managed Health Network (MHN), the administrator of the BB&T EAP, does not cover the cost or contract for the services you request. MHN also does not guarantee the quality or delivery of vendor's services.

Additional EAP services

The EAP offers a number of services outside of daily living services, including clinical counseling, legal services, e-Learning programs, childcare and eldercare assistance, and more. Read Your Employee Assistant Program (PDF) for information on the range of services available to you as an associate.

Am I eligible?

The EAP is free to all regular (not temporary or contract) associates and members of their households without having to enroll. Use of the program is not contingent on medical coverage or any other benefit coverage. All EAP services are completely free and confidential.

More information

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