BB&T offers an option for dental coverage administered by Ameritas, which offers a large network of dentists. If you use a dentist who has contracted with Ameritas, the dentist may charge a lower negotiated rate for services. You won't be penalized for using a non-network dentist, but you have the opportunity to save by using a participating dentist.

The maximum annual benefit payable for each covered person (exclusive of orthodontia) is $1,000. For information on covered services, deductibles and waiting periods, view the Dental Program chart(moves focus).

Using your dental benefit

You will receive a dental program identification card that you should present at the time of your appointment. You may want to get a pre-treatment estimate so both you and your dentist will know in advance what charges are covered, your estimated benefits and approximately what you will owe. The maximum annual benefit payable for each covered person (exclusive of orthodontia) is $1,000.

Dental Rewards

Through Ameritas' Dental Rewards® program, you can earn additional money toward your future annual maximum benefit ($1,000 per covered person). Participants in the BB&T Dental Program will be able to carry over part of their unused annual maximum from one plan year to the next.

Participants in the BB&T Dental Program can qualify for Dental Rewards by:

  • Submitting at least one dental claim per year
  • Keeping total paid claims for the year under the plan's annual benefit threshold ($500 per covered person)

Participants who meet these criteria will earn $250 in Dental Rewards. Additionally, participants who submit claims for an in-network provider will be eligible for an extra $100 reward, called the PPO Bonus.

Waiting periods

The BB&T Dental Program contains waiting periods for major services and orthodontia that may decrease your benefit. If you had coverage under another group dental program, you may be able to reduce or eliminate the waiting periods by providing a Certificate of Coverage from your previous dental plan as proof of prior coverage. Please send your Certificate of Coverage, if applicable, to Ameritas at PO Box 81889, Lincoln, NE 68501, to receive proper credit for your prior coverage.

Dental Program chart

Dental services are paid as follows, subject to reasonable and customary charges. The maximum annual benefit payable for each covered person, exclusive of orthodontia, is $1,000.

Dental Service Example Annual Deductible Plan Pays Waiting Periods
Preventive Cleanings and X-Rays $0 100% (up to two visits per year; up to usual and customary charges) None
Basic Fillings and Extractions $25 individual / $75 family 80% (up to usual and customary charges) None
Major Crowns or Bridges $25 individual / $75 family 50% (up to usual and customary charges) Six Months
Orthodontia (for dependent children up to 19 only) Braces $0 50% (up to a maximum lifetime benefit of $1,000 for each covered child) One Year

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