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Gap in Care Program

Staying on top of your health care needs can be challenging. You may forget to fill a needed prescription or schedule an appointment with your primary care physician for an important medical test. CarePlus' Gap in Care Program can help identify gaps in your health care coverage based on your medical claims information, remind you to close them and reward your for doing so.

Here is an example of how the Gap in Care Program works:

Anna's primary care physician recommends she use a long-acting medication, like an inhaler, for her asthma. Her physician writes her a prescription, but Anna forgets to fill it.

Because Anna hasn't filled this prescription, she has what is known as a gap in care. Based on her medical claims information, CarePlus sends Anna a message to remind her to fill her prescription and, thereby, close her gap in care. Once Anna fills her prescription, she becomes eligible to earn a cash incentive as part of the program.

By closing any identified gaps in care, you can take charge of your health.

Program Eligibility

Associates and their spouses who are covered under the BB&T Medical Program may be chosen for the program if their medical claims information shows a gap in care. Eligible participants may be identified for multiple gaps in care in a given plan year.

Please Note: The Gap in Care Program is not open to dependent children.

Program Costs

The program does not cost you anything—it is a benefit of the BB&T Medical Program.

Gap in Care Incentive Program

BB&T offers eligible participants a cash incentive if they close their identified gap in care. The average incentive per identified gap is $25. Eligible participants may be identified for multiple gaps in care in a given plan year—participants can earn a cash incentive for each gap in care identified by CarePlus.

If you or your spouse close an identified gap in care and follow the CarePlus instructions to indicate the gap has been closed, any incentive earned will be included in the associate's BB&T payroll within one to three payroll cycles following completion. You must identify the closure of gaps before the end of the year to ensure that you receive your incentive. Gaps that are not reported as closed per the CarePlus instructions by the end of the year may not qualify for an incentive in the following plan year.

The incentive program is available to associates, as well as covered spouses, who are identified for the Gap in Care Program by CarePlus based on BCBSNC claims information.

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