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Dependent Coverage

Under the BB&T Medical, Dental and/or Vision programs, you have the option to cover yourself and any Qualified Dependents. Qualified Dependents include:

An associate cannot cover another associate as a dependent. If you and your spouse are both employed by BB&T, only one of you can cover a dependent. In addition, you cannot elect to cover each other. If you and your child are both employed by BB&T, you cannot elect to cover your child.

A dependent child's eligibility will end at the end of the month in which the child turns 26.

You may continue to cover any disabled children who are dependent on you even though they are no longer under age 26. If you want to continue to cover your disabled child, it will be necessary to submit proof of incapacity within 31 days after the date the child would have otherwise ceased to be an eligible dependent. An eligible associate can add a disabled child to the plan provided the child has not had a 63-day gap in coverage as defined under HIPAA. Proof of incapacity may be required from time to time.

Dependent Eligibility

Your dependents become eligible for coverage on the date you become eligible for coverage and:

  1. The date a person becomes your legal dependent (for example, you get married or have a child)

  2. The date an adopted child is placed in your home for adoption, even though the adoption may not yet be final. If the adopted child is a newborn, the child will be covered from the moment of birth if the adoption petition has been filed, subject to coverage rules as defined below.

Coverage for a dependent will begin on the date the dependent becomes an eligible dependent, provided written election is made by you within 31 days of the eligibility date. If you wait more than 31 days to apply for coverage for your dependent(s), you may not add the dependent(s) to your coverage until the plan's next Annual Benefits Enrollment period. Coverage for dependents may be subject to pre-existing condition limitations.

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