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Select Option

The Select Option is designed to offer medical services at an affordable cost. Co-payments are available when you see an in-network provider for most office visits. For some services, co-payments are available without having to meet your deductible.

Through the Prescription Drug Program offered in conjunction with the Select Option, co-payments are also available for most prescription drugs prior to meeting the deductible. Read more about the Select Option Prescription Drug Program.


  • $1,150 individual (in-network)

  • $2,875 family (in-network)

Most services are covered at 90% once you meet your deductible. The family deductible is met when any combination of covered persons has expenses totaling the family deductible amount. However, if one family member meets the $1,000 individual deductible, that person's deductible is satisfied and insurance will begin paying on that individual's claims. If the family deductible has been satisfied during a calendar year, no further deductible applies to any member of your family during that calendar year.


  • Co-payments for doctors' office visits when you are sick and for most prescription medications

  • Ability to visit a specialist without a referral

  • In-network and out-of-network coverage

  • Preventive care is generally covered at:

    • 90% in-network with no deductible
    • 80% out-of-network with no deductible

Compare to the Consumer Option

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2019 Flexible Benefit Premiums
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This service allows you to connect with a board-certified doctor through a smartphone or tablet through live video. Participants in the Select or Consumer Option of the BB&T Medical Program and their covered dependents are eligible to take advantage of this program through BlueCross BlueShield.

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