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Select Option Prescription Drug Program

The Select Option features a prescription drug program which enables you to have co-payments for most prescription drugs. There are two ways for you to receive your prescription drugs—through retail pharmacies or through the Prime Therapeutics PrimeMail®, a home-delivery pharmacy service.

Retail Drug Service

You can have your prescriptions filled at a participating pharmacy (most national chains and most local and independent pharmacies) and pay only a flat cost for up to a 30-day supply of your prescription.

If the pharmacist does not submit (or is unable to submit) a claim on your behalf, you can submit your claim using the NC Prescription Reimbursement Claim Form. For example, you may use this form if you paid the full cost for prescriptions because the system did not reflect your coverage when you purchased the medications. You may also use this form if you have other medical coverage in addition to your BB&T coverage, and this other insurance is primary. In this case, you can complete the form to submit a claim for prescription drug costs not covered by your primary insurance.


You can save time and money by having prescriptions filled through the Prime Therapeutics PrimeMail home-delivery pharmacy service. This service allows you to receive up to a 90-day supply of your medication for only two co-payments. Therefore, you save yourself one co-payment—it is similar to a buy two, get one free program.

To fill your prescriptions through Prime Therapeutics, follow the steps in one of the options below:

  • Go to
    • Under Member Login, enter your user ID and password
    • Choose Prescriptions (site will open Prime Therapeutics' site in a new window)
    • Choose on Transition Prescriptions from Retail to PrimeMail and follow the directions
  • You or your doctor call 855-457-0220.
    • If you call, please have your prescription name and strength ready, as well as your doctor's name and phone number.
  • Ask your doctor to fax a prescription to 877-774-6360 or submit through ePrescibe
  • Send a request by mail.
    • Ask your doctor for a 90-day prescription that PrimeMail will fill. If you need this medicine immediately, ask for a second 30-day prescription you can fill immediately at your local pharmacy.
    • Fill out the PrimeMail Order Form and mail the prescription, order form and payment to: PrimeMail, PO Box 650041, Dallas, TX 75265-0041. Please include a method of payment to avoid any delays in processing your order.

The Prime Therapeutics prescription drug costs are based on a four-tier benefit structure that separates drugs into the following groups:

  • Tier 1: The prescription medication tier that consists of the lowest cost tier of prescription medications. Most are generics.
  • Tier 2: The prescription medication tier that consists of medium-cost prescription medications. Most are generics and some are brand-name prescription medications.
  • Tier 3: The prescription medication tier that consists of higher-cost prescription medications. Most are brand-name prescription medications and some are specialty medications.
  • Tier 4: The prescription medication tier that consists of the highest-cost prescription medications. Most are specialty medications.

(30-day Supply)

Tier 1: $15

Tier 2: $30

Tier 3: $50

Mail Order
(up to a 90-day Supply)

Tier 1: $30

Tier 2: $60

Tier 3: $100

Tier 4

(Specialty Drugs)

25% co-insurance, minimum coverage $50 and a maximum coverage of $150 (30-day limit)

Some drugs (including transplant and HIV drugs) are eligible for a 90-day supply. View a list of specialty medications.

For more information, log on to

To determine the tier classifications of your medications, to view the BlueCross and BlueShield of North Carolina Enhanced Formulary.

Mandatory Generic Drug Policy

The Medical Program requires you (and any dependents you are covering) to ask your physician if there is a generic drug option. If you choose the generic drug, you will pay the lowest co-payment. If you choose the preferred brand or non-preferred brand drug, you will pay the respective co-payment plus the difference in the cost between the generic drug and the preferred brand or non-preferred brand drug. View an example.

If no generic is available, you will pay only the preferred brand or non-preferred brand drug co-payment.

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