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Consumer Option

The Consumer Option is designed to encourage participants to be better consumers of health care. This option is combined with a Health Savings Account (HSA) which offers attractive tax advantages. Participants in the Consumer Option also have the option of participating in the Limited Use Health Care FSA.


  • $2,500 (in-network) for employee only coverage

  • $5,000 (in-network) for family and other coverage levels

The Consumer Option begins to pay benefits once the deductible is met. This option does not include co-payments for doctors' office visits or prescription drugs—it covers these services at 80% (in-network) after the deductible is met. Therefore, you pay 100% of incurred charges until meeting the deductible. We encourage you to read more about prescription drug coverage under the Consumer Option.

The Consumer Option works differently from the Select Option in that it has no individual deductible for Employee and Spouse, Employee and Child(ren), and Family coverage. The $5,000 deductible for these levels of coverage must be met by the members combined before the plan begins to pay benefits.


  • Preventive care is generally covered at:

    80% in-network with no deductible

    60% out-of-network with no deductible

  • In-network and out-of-network coverage

  • $500 annual company contribution (prorated monthly) to the HSA

  • Low premiums

Compare to the Select Option

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This service allows you to connect with a board-certified doctor via a smartphone or tablet through live video. Participants in the Select or Consumer Option of the BB&T Medical Program and their covered dependents are eligible to take advantage of this program through BlueCross BlueShield.

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