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2014 Coverage Levels and Premiums - Vision

Coverage Levels

If you elect vision coverage, you can choose between the following:

  • Employee Only
  • Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner
  • Employee and Child(ren) 
  • Family

If you and your Spouse or Domestic Partner are both employed by BB&T, only one of you can cover a dependent. In addition, you cannot elect to cover each other. If you and your child are both employed by BB&T, you cannot elect to cover your child. An employee cannot cover another employee as a dependent.

  Employee Only Employee and Spouse/
Domestic Partner

Employee and

No Coverage $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Vision Program $7.47 $11.76 $12.02 $19.37

Premiums for coverage of a Domestic Partner and Domestic Partner’s children are taken from pay after taxes.



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